At Green Leaf Carpet Cleaners, we are well known for cleaning carpets and rugs, but we also specialize in cleaning upholstery and furniture. We have established a very strong reputation in the greater New York City area when it comes to our cleaning services which include furniture and upholstery that will help make your home or office look fresh, clean and new again.

Your furniture represents an investment of your money that is designed to last for many years. Too many people decide to pay for expensive new furniture and get rid of the old based on the idea that the upholstery cannot be fully cleaned. However, our cleaning services are both impressive and complete which means that we will do all that is possible to ensure that your furniture and upholstery are properly cleaned to help restore them to like-new condition.

Our services are customized to your needs so that whether you need spot cleaning on one piece of furniture or all of your furniture cleaned, we will work with you.